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We also write books, Divine Alignment, The Heart Rules & Everyday Devotion, we make music videos and videos on how to practice yoga and move and breathe with ease www.youtube.com/gpsinghk and we travel the world teaching the principals of Divine Alignment & Letting your Heart Rule!

Kirtan Sohila, Facing The Little Death 

I believe facing death is one of life’s greatest acts of faith. Letting go to receive sleep is a practice of letting go to receive death, in the form of sleep—although we might hope that this bedtime death is temporary. When we bring faith and devotion to the practice of reciting Kirtan Soheila at bedtime, we can learn to face death without dread and fear.

Kirtan Soheila speaks the Guru’s wisdom, presenting itself as both an art and a science: art, as the beautiful poetry and music that vibrates the Divine…Read more

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An evening of Chanting with Simran

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Chant concert for public welfare

Tibet hotel - Himalaya Hall, JinNiu area, people's north road for 10, Chengdu, CHINA

RMB 190 /person; 10 person group price: RMB 170 /person; More than 30 persons group price RMB 150 /person More info: Http://mp.weixin.qq.com//s?__biz=MzA3NzM0OTUyOA==&mid=208576627&idx=1&sn=636613ed566e18a6bdfcd781bae7b&scene=1&from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0#rd